Filip Marinović


Written by Filip Marinović (Teen 1)

Me: Hey, bro!

Felix: Yo, man!

Me: What's up?

Felix: Nothing man, how are you?

Me. Great! Can I ask you something?

Felix: Of course, shoot!

Me: When were you born?

Felix: On April 20, 1969, in Salzburg Austria.

Me: When did you do your first skydive?

Felix: At the age of 16.

Me: What is your highest jump?

Felix: 39,045 meters.

Me: Have you ever jumped in Croatia?

Felix: Yes, in Mamet jama on Velebit. It was exciting.

Me: You jumped from Christ the Redeemer Statue.

Felix: Yes, in Rio. It was beautiful.

Me: Who sponsors you?

Felix: Red Bull.

Me: Red Bull gives you wings?

Felix: Ha, ha, ha, yes, it's funny.

Me: OK. Thank you! See you at your next jump!

Felix: OK. See you then, bro!

Me: Tomorrow, a beer?

Felix: Of course, man! It's on you.

Me: As always!