Klara Banić


Written by Klara Banić(Teen 1)

Klara: Hi, my name is Klara Banić and I'm an interviewer for the BBC. Can I ask you some questions?

Felix.: Yeah, of course.

K: Thank you very much! I see you are a new star of the world, what does it make you feel like?

F: It feels amazing. I still can't believe. I actually did it.

K: We are very proud of you. Can you tell us, when was your first jump?

F: My first jump was at the age of 16. I was a bit scared. But I had wanted it for a long time - so I did it!

K: It seems you really enjoy it. What did you do for living before becoming a professional skydiver?

F: Well, I was a member of a Special Forces demonstration team for the Austrian military and after that I repaired motorcycles.

K: It sounds interesting! How many records have you set?

F: Three, I have never believed I would be so successful.

K: Have you ever been nominated for any kind of rewards?

F: Yes, I have. I was named to Vienna's Street of Champions and nominated for World Sports Award and two categories in the NEA Extreme Sports Awards.

K: Is it really scarier to jump from the lower places than the higher ones?

F: Yes, I think it is.

K: You set the record for history lowest BASE jump. Tell us the truth- how did you pluck the courage?

F: Well, I was probably drunk...Just kidding! I cannot describe it, but when you want to do something-you just do it!

K: Way to go! I wish you nothing but the best. Any 'last words'?

F: Yes, I would like to tell people that they can do whatever they like to, they only have to find the right way of doing it!

K: Thank you very much for this interview!

F: Anytime! Now, excuse me, I have to go break another world record!

K: Ha, ha, good luck!